• Quality Control

Order & Quality Management System

From incoming material to the production then to final packing, we strictly proceed with them in Programmatic management in case no problems. This is our Order production flowchart attached below:

quality control
inspection tool

Quality Control Standard Inspection Tooling

During the inspection processing, we usually inspect our products by the following various inspection tools. Such as Vernier Caliper/Roughness tester/Thread gauge/CMM…

Different requirements require the corresponding tool and this job will be done by professional quality inspector. Such as the Thread Gauge, It usually uses for inspecting the Thread dimension. And the Roughness Tester will use for testing the surface roughness… All products will be inspected before shipment.

Packing Way

Not only the product should be inspected, but also a safe packing way is very important for our Customer. We are responsible for every step. We also have our own packing ways as below:


Let’s see what kind of feedback we got from our customer…

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