• Plastic Injection

plastic injection

We produce all kinds of shape products of injection plastics, such as monitor housings, notebook chassis, computer accessories, plastic houseware, electric vehicle charger etc…
Our Injection Molding machine: 1300Ton x1, 650Ton x2, 550Ton x2, 450Ton x5, 350Ton x2, 280Ton x2, 120Ton x6

Our production line: Painting Equipment, Screen Printing, Dust Proof Painting Room, Robot Painting, CNC machine, Dry machine, Drill machine, Laser engrave machine.
Quality inspection facility: CMM, Tensile Meter, Lighting Scope, Radius Gauge Set, Pin Gauge, Curve Gauge, Dial Depth Gauge, Caliper, Outside Micrometer, Torque Wrench, Mold Thermometer, Gloss Meter, Projector, UV resistance tester.

If you have any requirement in die casting processing, please kindly send to info@xielifeng.net .

plastic injection

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