What is the future development direction of CNC machine tools

  Affected and promoted by Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025, China's manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous changes. The development of robotics, 3D printing and other technologies has had a profound impact on the CNC machine tool industry. So, under the impetus of this wave, how will the future production direction of R&D and CNC machine tool industry develop? The following are some predictions made by the editor of the CNC machine tool factory.

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  CNC machine tools

  New compound machining machine tools with a wider application range of compound processing technology continue to appear, adding heavy-duty machine tools such as milling machine, milling machine compound, turning and grinding compound, gear addition, milling compound and 5-axis linkage combined machine tool, and adding multi-functional accessories, turntables, etc., New progress has been made in metal cutting and special composite processing, where the trend of composite processing is obvious. The popularization of multiple varieties and small batch composite processing technologies has a great impact on the production process.

  Due to the advancement of power electronic technology and numerical control technology, coupled with the maturity of linear motors, torque motors, shafts, grid inspections and other parts, the application speed of direct drive technology on CNC machine tools is getting faster and faster. Many foreign machine tool companies are new products. All have been driven by linear motors. The application of direct drive technology will promote changes in the structure and performance of CNC machine tools.

  3. Micro-manufacturing technology Micro-manufacturing (Inter-Mic ro) refers to a new type of high-efficiency, green, and high-precision micro-manufacturing technology, which can be used to process various three-dimensional shapes of micro-parts. A research group composed of universities, scientific research institutions and companies in Germany, Italy and other countries, with the support of the European Union, has achieved ultra-precision 5-axis linkage micro DIA and cubic boron nitride tool processing technology and equipment. Microfabrication technology has huge application potential and should be paid attention to by the industrial sector.

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