Solution to the edge collapse of the plate produced by the CNC cutting machine

  We often encounter a problem when we use CNC cutting machines to process plates: the processed plates are chipped. So what is the cause of this problem, and is there any good way to solve it? Today I will give you an analysis.

Solution to the edge collapse of the plate produced by the CNC cutting machine(图1)

  1. Sheet material:

  The boards used in cutting are density board and particle board. These two kinds of plates have relatively high hardness, but they are widely used in the production of plate furniture due to low cost and easy processing. However, these two kinds of boards have the same disadvantage, that is, they are made by pressing, which means that they are not a whole, and if the bonding strength is not strong, the edges are easy to collapse when the material is opened.


  The choice of board may not be changed by us, but we can choose a good CNC woodworking cutting machine, such as Pinmai CNC cutting machine. The condition of edge collapse mainly occurs in sliding table saws and poor quality cutting machines. The pulse CNC cutting machine strictly controls the quality of the equipment, high-precision assembly, and there will be no chip edges caused by the equipment.

  Second, the sharpness of the knife

  The CNC woodworking cutting machine uses cutting tools to open the material, and the sharpness of the cutting tool directly affects the roughness of the cutting surface. If the sharpness of the tool is not enough, the cut out plate will appear edge chipping. It is not recommended to cut the material too fast when the tool is in a bad condition.


  Try to choose a good quality tool. Once the edge chipping occurs during the machining process, you must immediately stop working and replace it with a new tool.

  3. Spindle speed

  If the spindle speed is not enough, the cut sheet is very likely to have chipping.


  The spindle speed is adjusted, but it needs to be adjusted within the range that does not affect the use of the tool.

  Fourth, the tool clamping is not firm

  If the tool is not firmly clamped, it will cause chipping of the plate and damage to the tool during the processing of the product.

  Solution: Fix the tool

  Five, the vacuum adsorption effect is poor

  The vacuum suction table of the cutting machine produced by some manufacturers has insufficient adsorption capacity. When the CNC wood cutting machine is processing the product, the workpiece is not firmly adsorbed, which causes the displacement of the plate, which is also the cause of the edge collapse of the plate. The vacuum suction table is more popular now. The CNC cutting machine adopts a double-layer vacuum suction table, no clamping is required, and the powerful vacuum suction directly adsorbs the plate on the table through the fine suction holes on the table. The adsorption effect of this kind of adsorption table is better, and the force of the plate will be more uniform, which directly improves the cutting precision. Moreover, the CNC cutting machine can completely adjust the spindle speed and cutting speed of the equipment according to the data we need for cutting. It is simple to use and high in processing efficiency. It is definitely the best choice for the production of panel furniture!

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