Equipment selection for panel furniture factory

  Customized furniture for the whole house, compared with standard size and style panel furniture, it has the advantages of panel furniture, which is economical, bright and stylish, and easy to install. Its shape and style are more flexible and diverse, and it is suitable for the diverse needs of different users. Therefore, the industry is developing very rapidly , Whether it is giants in the panel furniture industry or small regional small micro panel furniture manufacturers and decoration design companies, all have entered this industry;

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  In addition to the huge market demand, the simple production process of customized furniture and the tools and equipment used, especially CNC automation equipment, make the production and processing easier and lower the barriers to entry for the industry.

  Customized furniture for the whole house, general production and processing are divided into cabinet body production and surface paint door panel production; the equipment used in production cannot be completely universal. The main production equipment of the cabinet body is large-scale equipment: woodworking CNC cutting machine, edge banding machine, CNC row Drilling equipment; for the production of laminated door panels, sanding machines and laminating machines (blister machines) are also required.

  Medium and large furniture factories are fully capable of producing cabinets and door panels on their own. In the long run, the cabinets and door panels can be produced by themselves. First of all, it can save costs and ensure the perfect matching of cabinets and door panels. Can guarantee the delivery time of production orders.

  Panel furniture CNC cutting machine, now there are many regional small furniture manufacturers, or the previous decoration design industry, and the plan to make custom furniture. The equipment is full of functions, and I want to do both cabinet processing and cabinet door panel production; for small and micro customization The investment planning of furniture manufacturers and equipment with complete functions has multiple drawbacks:

  1. The capacity of cabinet body cutting and door panel milling is insufficient. Generally, large-scale furniture manufacturers use multiple sets of equipment for cabinet cutting and door panel engraving and milling. A single multifunctional CNC cutting processing center produces cabinets every day. Or the capacity of simply carving door panels is very limited;

  2. Equipment funds are scattered, it is difficult to order high-quality equipment from big brand manufacturers, and many cheap equipment have frequent failures and defective after-sales services in later use;

  3. For small and micro furniture manufacturers, the daily output of cabinets and door panels in the early stage will not be too high. Generally, the output of cabinets between 50 and 100 panels, and the output of less than 50 panels is not suitable for self-processing; The number of cabinet door panels required is really not enough to drive the production of a sanding machine and laminating machine. Therefore, in most cases, the sanding machine and laminating machine are disabled. If the operating rate is too low, it will not only bring profits to the manufacturer, On the contrary, a certain degree of loss was caused by the depreciation of equipment and the idleness of supporting manpower.

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