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  Process use classification

  1. Ordinary CNC machine tools

  Ordinary CNC machine tools generally refer to automated machine tools that achieve digital control in a process in the processing process, such as CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC drilling machines, CNC grinding machines, and CNC gear processing machine tools. Ordinary CNC machine tools are not fully automated in terms of automation, and the replacement of tools and the clamping of parts still need to be completed manually.

  2. Machining center

  The machining center is a CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and an automatic tool changer. It combines the functions of a CNC milling machine, a CNC boring machine, and a CNC drilling machine. After a part is clamped, most of its machining surface can be milled.

  Exercise classification

  1. Point control CNC machine tools

  The numerical control system only controls the precise position of the tool from one point to another, but does not control the motion trajectory. The motion between the coordinate axes is irrelevant, and the workpiece is not processed during the movement. This type of CNC machine tools mainly include CNC drilling machines, CNC coordinate boring machines, CNC punching machines and so on.

  2. Linear control CNC machine tools

  In addition to controlling the precise position between the points, the numerical control system must ensure that the movement trajectory between the two points is a straight line, and the movement speed must also be controlled, also known as point linear control. This type of CNC machine tools mainly include relatively simple CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC grinders, etc. Numerical control machine tools used solely for linear control are rare.

  3. Contour control CNC machine tools

  The characteristic of contour control is that it can control the displacement and speed of two or more motion coordinates simultaneously. It not only controls the start and end coordinates of the moving parts of the machine tool, but also controls the position of each point in the entire processing process. Speed, direction and displacement are also called continuous control CNC machine tools. This type of CNC machine tools mainly include CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC wire cutting machine tools, machining centers, etc.

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