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  In fact, only suitable CNC lathe equipment can produce parts with higher precision. Which parts are suitable for CNC lathes? For some parts produced in small batches, the varieties are very complicated, and these cannot be processed by ordinary lathes. General lathes have advantages for a single variety, but it only needs to change the programming for multiple varieties, so it is very suitable.

  Which parts are suitable for CNC lathes are related to the needs of the parts. Some parts require high precision. The CNC lathe is fully automated, and standardized production can meet the accuracy requirements of the parts, and it is exactly the same, which is much better than ordinary lathes. Complicated parts are often seen on the market, and the scope of application of these parts is also very important. If ordinary lathes can be produced, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. On the contrary, CNC lathes have suitable programs, especially in terms of skill programming, and the design of circuits is also very reasonable. There is nothing wrong with choosing CNC lathes. When you choose processing equipment or processing manufacturers, it is inevitable that there will be misleading errors. Dingjiefeng's presentation just brings you a rational choice, which will not make your choice have any errors.

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