What should be paid attention to when positioning and clamping the workpiece on the CNC lathe?alumin

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  The parts installation method of the CNC lathe is the same as that of the general lathe. It is necessary to use the existing universal fixtures as much as possible, and pay attention to reducing the number of clamping, and try to make all the appearances of the parts to be processed in one clamping. The part positioning datum should coincide with the planning datum as much as possible to reduce the influence of positioning error on the accuracy of the scale. In order to ensure the machining accuracy in the machining process, when machining parts on a CNC lathe, it is necessary to first make the workpiece occupy a correct orientation on the machine tool, that is, position it, and then clamp it. This process of positioning and clamping is called clamping of the workpiece. The process equipment used to clamp the workpiece is the machine tool fixture.

  The six-point positioning of the workpiece of the CNC lathe: The workpiece has six degrees of freedom in space, namely, the freedom of movement along the directions of the x, y, and z three rectangular coordinate axes and the freedom of rolling around these three coordinate axes. Therefore, it must be completely To confirm the orientation of the workpiece, it is necessary to eliminate these six degrees of freedom. Usually six support points (ie positioning elements) are used to constrain the key six degrees of freedom, and each support point constrains a corresponding degree of freedom, such as y On the plane, the three supporting points that are not on the same straight line constrain the three degrees of freedom of the workpiece. This plane is called the main datum plane; the two supporting points placed along the length of the plane constrain the workpiece to take two. One degree of freedom, this plane is called the guiding plane; the bending machine workpiece is on the xoz surface and is constrained by a supporting point, and one degree of freedom, this plane is called the stopping plane.

  We should pay attention to before the workpiece is clamped on the CNC lathe, the operator must first remove the sand and other impurities in the workpiece to prevent the impurities from being embedded into the sliding surface of the carriage, aggravating the guide soft wear or "biting" the guide rail. When clamping and calibrating some workpieces with large dimensions, complex shapes and small clamping area on the CNC lathe, a wooden bed cover should be placed on the machine bed under the workpiece in advance, and a pressure plate or a movable thimble should be used together. Hold the workpiece to prevent it from falling and damaging the machine tool. If you find that the orientation of the workpiece is incorrect or skewed, do not knock it hard to prevent affecting the accuracy of the machine spindle. It is necessary to loosen the gripper, pressure plate or thimble slightly before proceeding. Step-by-step correction.

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