What are the ways to improve the efficiency of CNC machining

  What are the ways to improve the efficiency of CNC machining(图1)

  1. First of all, the tool directly acts on the workpiece, so the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece are the core factors during its selection and installation.

  2. CNC machining technology is inseparable from corresponding management and supporting technologies, and it is necessary to improve and strengthen various corresponding supporting technical measures and management levels.

  3. If the cutting speed is too low, the processing time of a single workpiece will increase, resulting in low efficiency; if the cutting speed is too high, the tool life will be shortened, the number of tool changes and tool setting will be increased, and the overall efficiency will be low. Refer to the usage parameters of the tool.

  Improving the productivity of CNC machining is not only an update of the process concept, but also an improvement of the management concept. Advanced cutting tools and machine tools are used to achieve high-speed and high-efficiency cutting. At the same time, relevant technologies and management methods are used to optimize the entire processing process, and various methods are used to improve processing efficiency and achieve high-speed cutting.

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