What are the characteristics of the CNC lathe blanking manipulator

  The service life of auxiliary machines in automatic processing has always been criticized by people. The CNC lathe blanking manipulator can solve this problem to a large extent. It can realize the prescribed actions according to the characteristics of the movement structure and the material completion method, making the material grab more cautious. , So what are the advantages of CNC lathe blanking manipulator compared with traditional automatic processing equipment?


  1. Flexibility.

  On the CNC lathe, the degree of freedom of the manipulator refers to the independent movement of the movement mechanism such as lifting, stretching, and rotating. To grasp an object in any position and orientation in space requires multiple degrees of freedom. The degree of freedom is an important parameter in the design of an automatic manipulator. The greater the degree of freedom, the higher the flexibility of the automatic manipulator, the wider its application range on CNC lathes, and the very complex structure.

  2. There are many additional advantages.

  When designing a CNC lathe blanking manipulator, it has very clear requirements for the use of functions, and its use performance index is the main goal of the design. In addition, the CNC lathe blanking machine is easy to operate, easy to use, reliable in work, small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency, beautiful in appearance, and low in noise. CNC lathes and unloading manipulators have played an important role in realizing industrial production automation and promoting the further development of industrial production.

  3. Work is scientific and stable.

  A small section of the upper part of a good CNC lathe's unloading mechanical arm is processed into a rack and gear to mesh. When the boom cylinder pushes the piston rod to make a reciprocating motion, the gear rotates on the fixed rack, so that the arm does an extension motion at a certain speed. The cylinder is the swing cylinder of the arm, which drives the rack to reciprocate, rotate the gear, and make the entire cylinder swing from side to side. The up and down movement of the finger is driven by the lifting cylinder of the finger. When the suction cup is lowered, the suction cup sprays compressed air to the nozzle, and the suction cup is about to suck up, cutting off the air source and the material falling.

  The reason why CNC lathe blanking manipulator is valued and welcomed is mainly because it has shown certain advantages in environmental protection operation, and related people predict that its development prospects are bright, such as in various high-temperature industries and ultra-low temperature industries. It has been widely used, and has been tested by popularity. It has achieved breakthroughs in deepwater industry, radioactive material research industry, and environmental pollution.

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