Types of milling machines for CNC precision parts processing equipment

  There are many types of CNC milling equipment for compact parts processing, which can be used for various processing applications. In addition to classifying only based on machine configuration or the number of motion axes, milling machines can also be classified according to their specific characteristics. Some of the most common types of milling machines include: knee type; Ram type; bed type. Planing

Types of milling machines for CNC precision parts processing equipment(图1)

  Knee type: The knee type milling machine uses a fixed spindle and a vertically adjustable worktable, which is placed on a saddle supported by the knee. Depending on the position of the machine tool, the knee can be lowered and raised on the column. Some examples of knee milling machines include floor-standing and bench-top horizontal milling machines.

  Ram type: Ram type milling machine adopts a spindle with a movable housing fixed to the column, which allows the machine tool to move along the XY axis. The two most common types of vertical milling machines include floor-standing general-purpose horizontal and rotary cutter head milling machines.

  Bed type: The bed type milling machine adopts a worktable directly fixed on the machine tool to prevent the workpiece from moving along the Y axis and Z axis. The workpiece is located below the cutting tool. Depending on the machine tool, the cutting tool can move along the XYZ axis. Some bed-type milling machines available include single-sided, double-sided and three-sided milling machines.

  Planer milling machines: Planer milling machines are similar to bed milling machines because they have a fixed table along the Y and Z axes and a spindle that can move along the XYZ axis. However, the planer can support multiple machine tools at the same time, thereby reducing the lead time for complex parts.

  Some special types of milling machines include turntables, rotating drums and planetary milling machines. The rotary table milling machine has a circular worktable that can rotate around a vertical axis and uses machine tools located at different heights for roughing and finishing. In a planetary machine, the table is fixed, and the workpiece is cylindrical. The rotating machine tool moves on the surface of the workpiece, cutting out internal and external features.

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