The rapid development and application of CNC lathes in the machining industry

  The rapid development and application of CNC lathes in the machining industry(图1)

  In recent years, with the entry of foreign electronics, communications, optics and other industries into our country, the machining industry is developing in the direction of lightness, thinness, shortness and smallness. Accessories such as mobile phones and computers are in great demand and have high machining accuracy, which promotes the accuracy of machining. The demand for turning automation is getting deeper and deeper, so the CNC lathe processing industry has formed the effect of fueling the fire. Equipped with several CNC lathes, it has played a very important role in improving the processing accuracy of products, reducing processing costs and improving economic benefits for machining enterprises.

  The CNC lathe is different from the general lathe. It is a cam-type special lathe that is controlled by cam transmission to achieve the effect of active operation. The development of cam-type CNC lathes has a history of many years. It started from Switzerland with the production of watch parts with a heart-moving machine, and gradually developed to a knife-cutting machine. Japan has also played a great role in the development of CNC lathes. Precision CNC lathes have an indelible contribution to the progress of machining accuracy. Since Taiwan made CNC lathes, Taiwan's machining industry has developed rapidly. In the past ten years, Taiwan's CNC lathe manufacturing industry has aimed at the machinery processing industry in the mainland and moved production bases to the mainland. Because of the decline in production costs and the improvement of production quality, CNC lathes have been vigorously developed in the southeastern region of my country. .

  At present, many machining companies in mainland China are still using table top lathes to process mechanical parts. Although this kind of surface lathe is cheap, it requires a lot of manpower to operate, its production capacity is low, and its processing accuracy is not high. For the processing of large quantities of small parts, the processing power is not high, the processing accuracy cannot be achieved, and the labor cost is high. , the efficiency of the enterprise will naturally not improve.

  As a processing machine for small parts, CNC lathes have a high degree of automation compared to table top lathes. For example, when processing small copper parts, one operator can operate several CNC lathes together, which can almost achieve long-term no-longevity. Humanized work. The output per minute of the CNC lathe can be several times that of the table top lathe, which is very suitable for the processing of small parts.

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