The importance of heat treatment of cnc machining

  Heat treatment is to heat the parts to a certain temperature in a solid state, perform necessary heat preservation and allow them to cool to room temperature at an appropriate speed, so as to change the internal structure of the part material to obtain certain properties required. In precision machining, Heat treatment is to improve the mechanical properties of mechanical parts and ensure that the processing quality of the parts can meet the requirements of the final product. The importance of CNC machining heat treatment is mainly as follows:

The importance of heat treatment of cnc machining(图1)

  1. Improve the internal structure of the material and improve the material performance;

  2. Appropriate heat treatment can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the parts and prolong the service life of the processed parts;

  3. The heat treatment process can not only strengthen the material of the parts and fully tap the potential capabilities of the materials, but also reduce the importance of the structure, achieve the effect of saving materials and energy, and can also improve the quality of the machinery and increase the service life of the factory inspection machine parts;

  4. Appropriate heat treatment processes can effectively eliminate part defects caused by forging, casting and welding processes, refine grains, reduce internal stress, eliminate segregation, and make the structure and performance of the parts material better and more uniform;

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