The fundamental principles and skills of CNC lathes.brass lathe parts company

  The fundamental principles and skills of CNC lathes.brass lathe parts company(图1)

  The basic principle of CNC lathe processing: first rough machining of the workpiece, remove the redundant data of the workpiece, and then perform finishing; prevent the occurrence of oscillation during processing; prevent the thermal denaturation of the workpiece during processing, and there are many reasons for the occurrence of oscillation. It may be the load is too large; it may be the resonance of the active CNC lathe and the workpiece, or the rigidity of the active CNC lathe may be insufficient, or it may be formed after the tool is passivated. We can reduce the vibration by the following methods; Small infeed and machining depth, check whether the workpiece is clamped firmly, increase the speed of the tool and reduce the speed to reduce the resonance. Otherwise, check whether it is necessary to replace a new tool.

  After the parts are programmed, the tool needs to be tested and debugged. In order to prevent errors in the program and error in the tool setting, resulting in a collision incident, we should first imitate the machining of the empty stroke, in the coordinates of the active CNC lathe In the system, the tool is moved to the right by 2-3 times the total length of the part; then start to imitate the processing, after the imitating processing is completed, the program and tool setting are confirmed to be correct, and then the parts are processed. After the first part is processed, self-check first. Recognize the qualification, and then look for a full-time inspection. Only after the full-time inspection recognizes the qualification, the commissioning is completed.

  CNC lathe accessories mainly include tool fixtures, operating parts, indexing heads, work tables, chucks, joints, chip removal equipment, hoses, drag chains, protective covers, etc. CNC lathe tool fixtures are divided into cutting tools, tooling fixtures, planers, CNC tools, and supporting systems, tool belts, broaches, cutters, hobs, gear tools, machine saw blades, CNC tools, chucks, punches , Turning tools, reamers, boring cutters, gear shapers, gear shaving cutters, machine blades, tool holders, milling cutters, thread cutters, drills, tool holders, other tools, fixtures, taps, etc. CNC lathe operating parts, divided into hand wheels, handles, handles, handles, door knobs, and other operating parts products.

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