The difference between CNC lathe and turning-milling composite CNC machine tool

  Now that my country's manufacturing industry is in an important transition period, it is urgent to improve the level of automation and reduce the cost of human labor, so that people can keep up with the development trend of the manufacturing industry.

The difference between CNC lathe and turning-milling composite CNC machine tool(图1)

  In the development process of foreign manufacturing industry, industrial automation occupies an important part of its production. The ratio of industrial robots per unit far exceeds the international standard of 55, but the domestic manufacturing automation application lags behind this standard. Only 22. Although it is affected by the large number of manufacturing employees in my country, it cannot be denied that the proportion of domestic manufacturing automation applications is indeed very small. Therefore, my country still has a long way to go on the road of industrial automation.

  What is the difference between a CNC lathe and a turning-milling compound machine tool? Let’s take a look at Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation: “CNC lathe is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used to cut the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of shafts or disc parts, and the angles of the inner and outer conical surfaces of any conical shape are complicated. Rotating inner and outer surfaces, cylindrical and conical threads, and can be slotted, drilled, reamed, reamed and bored. According to pre-programmed processing procedures, parts are automatically processed. The processing program table is compiled according to the instruction code specified by the CNC machine tool And the program format, and then record the content of the program table on the control medium, and then enter the numerical control device of the numerical control machine tool to instruct the machine tool to process parts.

  CNC lathes are the most commonly used equipment in workpiece processing. It has high processing power and good quality, so there are many users. However, the manufacturers of fully automatic CNC lathes remind you that if you want to use CNC lathes normally, you need to meet the following operating conditions. As far as the environment is concerned, the CNC lathe should be placed away from the source of vibration, avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, and avoid the impact of humid airflow on the lathe. Regarding the location of the adjacent active vibration source, the manufacturer can install anti-vibration grooves around the machine tool.

  In terms of power supply, due to large temperature changes in most processing workshops, poor operating conditions, and a large number of various electromechanical equipment, the power grid fluctuates greatly. Therefore, the positioning of CNC lathes should strictly control the power supply to ensure that the fluctuation of the power supply voltage is within the allowable range and remains relatively stable.

  Finally, the temperature conditions. The manufacturer of CNC lathes recommends that you ensure that the ambient temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius and the relative temperature is below 80%. There are exhaust fans or cooling fans inside the CNC electronic control box, which can maintain the constant temperature or small temperature difference of the electronic components. Too high temperature will lead to a decrease in the life of the control element and more defects, and it is also easy to cause a short circuit problem. Therefore, it should be strictly controlled during processing.

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