The development trend of CNC machining services

  With the development of the zero machining manufacturing industry, the processing technology of multi-axis linkage parts has made great progress. CNC parts processing manufacturers use multi-axis linkage methods to improve processing performance. For example, when clear corners are processed, X, Y, and Z three-axis linkage methods are used to avoid unstable discharge due to small processing areas. The phenomenon. The multi-axis rotation system and multiple linear motions are used to coordinate and combine to form a variety of composite motion methods, which can adapt to the processing requirements of different types of workpieces, expand the processing range of CNC parts processing, and improve its technical benefits in precision processing.

  The development trend of precision machining technology

  1. Precision

  The core of precision machining is mainly reflected in the requirements for dimensional accuracy, profiling accuracy, and surface quality.

The development trend of CNC machining services(图1)

  2. Intelligent

  Intelligentization is one of the development trends of manufacturing technology in the 21st century. Intelligent manufacturing technology integrates artificial intelligence into all links of the manufacturing process, replacing or extending part of the mental work in the manufacturing system.

  3. Automation

  The successful application of automation technology not only improves efficiency and guarantees product quality, but it can also replace people to complete work in dangerous situations. For production automation with large batches, it can be completed by automatic machine tool modification, application of automatic machine tools, special combined machine tools, and automatic production lines.

  4. Efficient

  The requirements of modern processing provide the best processing mode for CNC parts processing technology, that is, it is required to greatly improve the efficiency of rough and finishing processing under the premise of ensuring processing accuracy.

  5. Informatization

  Information, material and energy are the three elements of a manufacturing system. With the application of computer, automation and communication network technology in the manufacturing system, the role of information is becoming more and more important. Information input in the product manufacturing process has become a major factor in determining product costs.

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