The Causes of the Errors in the Machining Dimension of CNC Lathe Workpieces

  The Causes of the Errors in the Machining Dimension of CNC Lathe Workpieces(图1)

  As we all know, CNC lathe is a new type of processing equipment equipped with CNC numerical control system, servo control system and other control equipment, high-precision feed system, tool magazine and other actuators. In terms of processing form, it is not the same as any processing machine tool so far. In general terms, CNC lathes are high-precision and high-efficiency processing equipment that integrates automated processing and composite centralized processing. However, there are many factors that affect the final processing accuracy and processing efficiency of the workpiece. This article briefly introduces the reasons for the machining dimension errors of CNC lathe workpieces, and it is hoped that it will be useful to us.

  1. The main reason for the error of workpiece processing scale

  As we know, the CNC lathe is composed of control system, servo drive equipment, servo motor, mechanical feed equipment, worktable part, reaction measurement equipment and so on. When the workpiece is processed, after the digital operation of the CNC numerical control system, the control signal is announced to the servo drive device, which drives the servo motor to rotate, and then passes it to the worktable by the mechanical feed device to cause relative movement between the workpiece and the tool, and at the same time, the orientation detection response The equipment converts the actual relative movement between the workpiece and the tool into an electrical signal to respond to the CNC numerical control equipment. The numerical control equipment compares the commanded index with the reflected actual index to process the workpiece that meets the requirements of the machining program design.

  However, in the practical processing of CNC lathes, it is often found that the relative movement between the workpiece and the tool is not completely in accordance with the command value, which results in the size of the processed part being inconsistent with the design. Thus, the occurrence of processing scale error phenomenon appears. Generally, the main reasons for this type of fault are: the actual index value of the servo motor matches the command index value, but the actual relative movement of the workpiece and the tool does not meet the requirements; the actual index value of the servo motor does not match the command index value; The machine tool transmission system returns to zero azimuth error; external interference or pulse loss and mechanical faults are caused by several reasons.

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