Requirements for Lathe Lubrication Maintenance cnc plastic sheet company

  Requirements for Lathe Lubrication Maintenance.cnc plastic sheet company(图1)

  1. Most of the roughing lathes work intermittently, so there will be impact loads and boundary lubrication, so appropriate annual, good lubrication performance and extreme pressure resistance should be considered.

  2. Precision lathes have very strict requirements on the temperature rise of lubricating oil, which generally cannot exceed room temperature by 2-5 °C. Therefore, careful calculation and design should be made for the viscosity of the oil, the lubrication method and the capacity of the oil tank.

  3. The poor sealing of the lathe lubrication system, hydraulic system and each friction pair will cause the metal wear debris and abrasive particles in the processing process to enter the lubrication system, which may not only block the oil circuit and cause wear but also accelerate the deterioration of the oil. Therefore, attention to system sealing is necessary!

  4. For cooling and lubricating tools and machining workpieces on metal cutting and grinding lathes, most of the emulsions and sodium triphosphate aqueous solutions used on grinding machines may enter the lubricating oil, promoting the degradation and emulsification of the oil. Therefore, the demulsibility, water resistance, rust prevention and corrosion resistance of the oil must be considered when choosing lubricating oil.

  5. The lathe guide rail is the key and difficult point of the lathe lubrication. The movement of the guide rail is repetitive, and the speed and load change greatly, which is prone to crawling, which reduces the machining accuracy and even causes the lathe to be scrapped. Therefore, when choosing lubricating oil early, it is necessary to consider lubricating oil with appropriate viscosity and good climbing resistance.

  6. The lubrication points of lathes are many and complex, and many lathes are lubricated at the same time, so automatic lubrication, also known as forced circulation lubrication, is often used to save manpower and ensure reliable lubrication.

  7. Most lathes rely on hydraulic transmission. In order to simplify the lubrication system, many lathes share the hydraulic pressure and the lubrication system. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the lubrication requirements of each lubrication point while ensuring the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Under the premise of considering the operating cost, the lubricating oil (grease) with high viscosity index and good anti-wear performance and anti-oxidation performance should be selected as much as possible.

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