Processing and production according to the different characteristics of CNC lathes

  Processing and production according to the different characteristics of CNC lathes(图1)

  When machining parts on a CNC lathe, there are generally two situations. The first situation: there are part drawings and blanks, and a CNC lathe suitable for processing the part should be selected. The second situation: there is already a CNC lathe, and parts suitable for processing on the machine must be selected. Regardless of the situation, the main factors to be considered are the material and type of the blank, the complexity of the part outline and shape, the size of the size, the machining accuracy, the number of parts, and the heat treatment requirements.

  CNC turning requires a specific program, and the programmer must analyze the process according to the machine tool manual, programming manual, cutting quantity table, standard tools, fixture manual and other materials. Let us introduce the common sense of programming in this area.

  Generally, when programming, it is necessary to select suitable machine tools according to the data, contour shape and machining accuracy of the workpiece to be processed, formulate a machining plan, determine the machining order of the parts, tools, fixtures and cutting quantities used in each process. In addition, programmers should constantly summarize and accumulate practical experience in process analysis, and write high-quality CNC machining programs.

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The daily maintenance and maintenance requirements of fully automatic CNC lathes are as follows

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