Preparation and precautions before equipment of inclined bed CNC lathe.aluminum auto parts company

  Preparation and precautions before equipment of inclined bed CNC lathe.aluminum auto parts company(图1)

  The inclined bed CNC lathe is a two-axis linkage semi-closed-loop full-function CNC lathe, based on contemporary advanced planning and manufacturing technology, fulfilling the current state-of-the-art precision specifications and the rigidity specifications of our factory, equipped with domestic and foreign advanced functional components, and each movement is safe and reliable. . It is suitable for processing rotary parts with complex shapes. It can process cylindrical, curved, tapered, stepped surfaces, various internal and external threads, drilling, reaming, reaming and rolling, etc. It is especially suitable for processing large quantities of parts.

  The inclined bed CNC lathe is placed on the foundation. It should be leveled in a comfortable state, and then the adjusting horns should be evenly locked. Regarding ordinary machine tools, the level gauge does not exceed 0.04/1000mm, and regarding high-precision CNC machine tools, the level gauge does not exceed 0.02/1000mm. When measuring the accuracy of the equipment, it should be carried out at a stable temperature, and the measuring tool needs to be used after a period of constant temperature. When using inclined bed CNC lathe equipment, every effort should be made to prevent forced deformation of the CNC machine tool. Certain parts of the machine tool should not be arbitrarily removed when the inclined bed CNC lathe equipment is used. The disassembly of the parts may cause an important new distribution of the internal stress of the CNC lathe, thereby affecting the accuracy of the CNC machine tool.

  After the geometric accuracy of the inclined bed CNC lathe is checked, the whole machine needs to be sorted. Use cotton or silk cloth soaked with cleaning agent, not cotton yarn or gauze. Clean the anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint applied to protect the guide rail surface and the processing surface of the inclined bed CNC lathe when it leaves the factory. Clean the dust on the outer surface of the machine tool. Coat each sliding surface and working surface with machine tool lubricating oil.

  Check carefully whether all parts of the inclined bed CNC lathe are filled with oil as required, and whether enough coolant is added to the cooling box. Whether the oil of the hydraulic station of the machine tool and the smooth equipment of the automatic room reaches the regular position of the oil level indicator. Check whether the switches and components in the electrical control box are normal, and whether the integrated circuit boards are in place. The centralized smooth installation is started by electrifying, so that the smooth parts and smooth oil passages are filled with smooth oil. Make all the preparations before each part of the machine tool moves.

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