How to choose inclined rail CNC lathe.aluminium cnc sale

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  1. Model selection

  Under the premise of satisfying the requirements of the processing technology, the simpler the equipment, the lower the risk. Both turning processing centers and CNC lathes can process shaft parts, but a turning center that satisfies the same processing standards is several times more expensive than a CNC lathe. If there is no further Technological requirements, it must be less dangerous to choose the inclined rail CNC lathe. Similarly, economical CNC lathes should be selected as far as possible in economical and general CNC lathes. In processing boxes, cavities, and mold parts, the same standard CNC milling machine and machining center can meet the basic processing requirements, but the price difference between the two machine tools is about half (not including the supporting costs of air source, tool magazine, etc.), so the mold In the process, only the process of changing the tool very frequently is the machining center selected, and the CNC milling machine is selected for the long-term milling with a fixed tool. Many machining centers are now used as CNC milling machines. The parts that can be processed by CNC lathes can often be processed by general lathes, but most of the parts that can be processed by CNC milling machines cannot be processed by general milling machines. Therefore, it should be preferred in comprehensive machining companies that have shaft parts, box and cavity parts. Choose a CNC milling machine.

  Second, the selection of CNC system

  When purchasing inclined rail CNC lathes, the same machine tool body can be equipped with multiple CNC systems. The open CNC system with NC embedded in PC structure or SOFT structure should be used as much as possible. The CNC software of this type of system is all installed in the computer, and the hardware part is only the standardized general purpose between the computer and the servo drive and the external 1/O. The interface is the same as the sound card, graphics card and corresponding drivers of various brands on the computer. Users can use the open CNC kernel on the WINDOWSNT platform to develop the required functions to form various types of CNC systems. In addition to the basic functions of other CNC systems, there are many selection functions. Users can select some functions according to their own workpiece processing requirements, measurement requirements, programming requirements, etc., and then select some functions to be included in the purchase contract attachment, especially the real-time transmission DNC function Wait.

  Advantages of inclined rail CNC lathe

  1. The inclined rail CNC lathe greatly saves the area of the machine tool. After the cutting direction of the tool is changed, the original horizontal or skewed direction is changed to a top-down lathe, so that the guide rail can be placed on the workpiece. The upper rear side reduces the distance between the workpiece and the operator, making it easier to observe the turning status of the workpiece, and making it easier for the operator to load and unload the tool.

  2. The inclined rail CNC lathe places the traditional guide rails below and behind the workpiece on top of the workpiece, which greatly increases the chip removal space when the workpiece is turned, so that the chip removal is smoother and the chip holding space is larger, and the accumulation of iron chips is avoided. The impact on processing.

  3. The independent structure of the inclined rail CNC lathe with the guide rail placed on the upper rear side makes the protection of the guide rail easier. Water and dust do not easily enter the guide rail and accumulate on the guide rail guard. Improved the service life of hard rail or linear rail

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