Effective measures often taken for the accuracy error of CNC lathe fixtures

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  The main reasons for fixture errors in the operation of CNC lathes are the low manufacturing precision of each fixture component, the low installation precision and the wear of the fixture's working surface during use. Fixture errors will directly affect the azimuth accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece surface, and the azimuth accuracy of the machined surface will be more affected.

  Under the effects of cutting force, transmission force, inertial force, clamping force and gravity, the general process system will deform accordingly, and then destroy the correct orientation between the adjusted tool and the workpiece, causing the workpiece to have geometric errors. and scale errors.

  For example, when a CNC lathe is turning a slender shaft, under the effect of the cutting force, the workpiece exhibits a "bending knife" phenomenon due to elastic deformation, causing the workpiece to have a waist-drum-shaped cylindricity error. For another example, when the hole is ground by the transverse plunge method on the internal grinding machine, due to the bending deformation of the main shaft of the internal grinding head, the grinding hole will show a cylindricity error with a taper.

  The effective measures often taken in the production practice of CNC lathes are: reducing the surface roughness value of the diameter of the touch surface; increasing the touch area; proper preloading; reducing the touch deformation and improving the touch stiffness; reasonable placement of the ribs to improve the part stiffness ;Add auxiliary support to improve the rigidity of the workpiece, such as using a center frame or a tool rest to improve the rigidity of the workpiece when turning slender shafts; rationally clamp the workpiece to reduce clamping deformation, such as using an open transition ring or special jaws when processing thin-walled sleeves clamped.

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