Description of the POGO interface!Spring needle price

  Description of the POGO interface!Spring needle price(图1)

  The word  "pogo" comes from a collective activity based on rhythmic music, which focuses on jumping dance. Later extended to the nickname of pogo pin.

  The real scientific name of pogopin is "Spring Loaded Contact". It is a precision connector used in mobile phones and other electronic products. It is widely used in mobile phone antennas, and the connection between the battery and the mobile phone motherboard. Parts are being designed.

  There is a precision spring structure inside the pogopin, which is roughly composed of 3 parts:


  The needle and material are generally Be-Cu (beryllium copper) or SK. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Be-Cu has good conductivity, but lacks hardness. SK has high hardness, but it is easy to rust.

  2> spring

  Spring is also more important. The choice of spring pressure is very important. Both linear design and non-linear design of the spring will have a great impact on the use of pogopin. The material requirements for the spring are also very strict, and the high and low temperature tests directly affect the working life of the probe.

  3> barrel

  Needle tube, more materials are selected, PB material is generally used. The different gilding of the outer layer meets the needs of different designs and of course directly affects the price

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