Daily maintenance of CNC lathes

  It has the characteristics of integrating mechanics, electricity, and hydraulics, and is characterized by intensive technology and knowledge. Therefore, the vertical personnel of CNC milling machine must have knowledge of mechanical processing technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as knowledge of electronic computers, automatic control, driving and measurement technology, so that they can fully understand, hold the processing center and do a good job in maintenance. Maintenance work.

rotor shaft

  The purpose of daily maintenance and somersaults of CNC lathes is to extend the service life of components; extend the replacement cycle of mechanical parts to prevent accidental accidents; keep the machine in good condition and maintain stable work for a long time. The content and requirements of daily maintenance of different models are not exactly the same. There are clear regulations in the manual, but in general, it mainly includes the following aspects:

  (1) Maintain a good lubrication state, regularly check the CNC lathe, clean the automatic lubrication system, add or replace grease and oil, so that the lead screw guide rail and other moving parts are always in a good lubrication state to reduce the speed of mechanical wear.

  (2) Carry out the inspection and adjustment of the frame accuracy to reduce the switch and position deviation between the moving parts, including the inspection and adjustment of the gear changing system, the workbench exchange system, the lead screw, and the inconsistency between reverses.

  (3) Clean up frequently. If the surrounding environment of the machine is too dirty and dusty, it will affect the normal operation of the CNC lathe; the circuit is too dirty, which may cause a short circuit; the oil and water filter, the complete filter, etc. are too dirty, and the pressure will not be enough and the heat dissipation will not be enough. OK, it has caused a malfunction, so it must be ordered for sanitary cleaning

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