Check content of CNC machine tools

  Check content of CNC machine tools

  (1) Fixed points First, determine how many maintenance points a CNC machine tool has, analyze the equipment scientifically, and pinpoint the parts that may fail. As long as these maintenance points are "watched", failures will be discovered in time.

  (2) Calibration Standards must be formulated for each maintenance point one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, tightness, etc., and there must be clear quantitative standards, as long as the specified standards are not exceeded, it is not a failure.

  (3) Regularly check how often you want to determine the inspection cycle. Some points may be checked several times per shift, and some points may be checked once every month or every few months. It should be determined according to the specific situation.

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  (4) Specify items Which items to check at each maintenance point should also be clearly defined. Each point may check one item or several items.

  (5) The person who is appointed to carry out the inspection, whether it is an operator, a maintenance person or a technician, should be assigned to the person according to the inspection location and technical accuracy requirements.

  (6) Determination method There are also regulations on how to check, whether it is manual observation or measurement by instrument, and whether it is ordinary instrument or precision instrument.

  (7) Inspection The environment and procedures for inspection shall be specified, whether it is inspection during production operation or shutdown inspection, disassembly inspection or non-disassembly inspection.

  (8) Records The inspection should be recorded in detail and filled in clearly in the prescribed format. To fill in the inspection data and its difference with the prescribed standards, judgment impressions, and handling opinions, the inspector must sign and indicate the inspection time.

  (9) Disposal Anything that can be handled and adjusted during the inspection shall be handled and adjusted in time, and the treatment results shall be recorded in the handling record. If there is no ability or conditions to deal with it, it should be reported to the relevant personnel in time and arranged for processing. However, any person and at any time must fill in the processing record.

  (10) Analysis Inspection records and processing records must be systematically analyzed regularly to find weak "maintenance points", that is, points with high failure rates or links with large losses, and put forward opinions and submit them to designers for improvement and design.

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