Check before use of CNC lathe machine.aluminum cnc turning part sale

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  1. Check the CNC electric box; open the door of the CNC electric box, check all kinds of interface sockets, servo motor feedback line sockets, spindle pulse generator sockets, hand pulse generator sockets, CRT sockets, etc., if there is any looseness, reinsert it , If there is a locking organization, it must be locked. Check the settings of the short-circuit terminals on each printed circuit board according to the instructions. It must be in accordance with the conditions set by the CNC machine tool manufacturer. If there is a mistake, it should be set from the beginning. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to set the short-circuit terminal. Make original records of the settings. Wiring quality view: view all wiring terminals. Including the terminals of the strong and weak current parts connected by the machine tool manufacturer during assembly and the wiring terminals of the power cord of each motor. Each terminal must be tightened with a screwdriver once until it can’t be screwed with the screwdriver. Each motor socket must be Tighten.

  2. Check electrical appliances; the inclined bed CNC lathe reminds the CNC machine tool to open the electrical control box of the machine before using it to check whether there are relays, contactors, fuses, servo motor speeds, control unit sockets, spindle motor speed control unit sockets, etc. Loose. If there is any looseness, it should be restored to normal condition. Connectors with locking organization must be locked. Machine tools with adapter box must check the socket on the adapter box. Whether the wiring is loose or not, if there is a locking organization, it must be locked. Lock tightly.

  3. Check the wiring of all buttons, switches, and indicators on the operation panel, and deal with it immediately if any errors are found, and check the sockets and wiring on the CRT unit. The ground wire inspection requires an outstanding ground wire. When measuring the ground wire of the machine tool, the ground resistance cannot be greater than 1Ω. Power supply phase sequence check Use the phase sequence table to check the phase sequence of the input power supply. It is recognized that the phase sequence of the input power supply should be absolutely the same as the power supply phase sequence calibrated everywhere on the machine tool.

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