CNC lathe requirements for clamping equipment

  CNC lathe requirements for clamping equipment(图1)

  The clamping of CNC lathes is an important part of the workpiece clamping process. The workpiece must generate a clamping force through a certain arrangement, so that the workpiece can be pressed against the positioning element by the centrifugal force or inertial force of the CNC lathe to cause positional changes and vibrations to ensure machining accuracy and safe operation. There are several basic requirements for the application of clamping equipment:

  1. The clamping process is reliable, and the correct orientation occupied by the workpiece after positioning is not changed.

  2. The size of the clamping force is appropriate, not only to ensure that the workpiece is stable and stable in the process of processing, and the vibration is small, but also to prevent the workpiece from excessive clamping deformation.

  3. The operation is simple and convenient, labor-saving and safe.

  4. The structure is good, and the structure of the clamping device is simple and compact, which is easy to manufacture and maintain.

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