Application of Modern Stamping Die in CNC Machining

  Application of Modern Stamping Die in CNC Machining!Stamping is one of the most common processing methods in the mold industry. If this method can play its role more accurately, it can bring better benefits to the enterprise. The advantage of stamping die is very obvious, so this paper introduces it.

Application of Modern Stamping Die in CNC Machining(图1)

  Application advantages of modern stamping die

  Create better economic benefits for enterprises. Although China's machinery manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, some machinery manufacturing enterprises are facing difficulties and frequent bankruptcy. It is found that the main reason for the above phenomenon is that the precision of parts produced by these enterprises does not meet the growing market demand. The application of stamping die can improve the precision of parts to a certain extent, which can not only maximize the profits of enterprises, but also promote the development of machinery manufacturing industry.

  The application strategy of modern stamping die

  Generally speaking, the selection of specific processing parts must strictly follow the principle of "scientific and reasonable". When processing the hole of punch and die fixed plate and discharge plate, it should be in accordance with the requirements of the design drawings, and it should be careful and accurate when compiling the cnc machining standard parts. In addition to the above requirements, other combined processing methods should be selected to make the guide pillars and guide sleeve holes of the upper and lower die bases form a combined processing. After the same datum is formulated, the guide sleeve holes and fixed holes can be processed continuously. In addition, in the production of modern cnc machining parts, cutting technology is widely used because of its own characteristics.

  Development of stamping process and die manufacturing technology

  In the process of China's rapid economic development, industrial production has gained development opportunities, but also met certain challenges. China's industry is moving forward to cnc machining processing, occupying a favorable position in the international industrial market, and the layout of industrial production industry has undergone earth shaking changes. For the machine tool mold industry, we should gradually enhance the market management and competitiveness of enterprises, and take high quality, low cost and short cycle as the main production standards; For the mold design industry, we should catch up with the pace of the times, join the market competition from all aspects and multiple angles, improve the scientific level of design, improve the manufacturing process and optimize the production mode, so as to meet the requirements of modern production. Mold processing enterprises want to improve the processing accuracy. Therefore, in the preparation of cnc machining parts finishing, drawing tools should be used to draw, and then the work piece mold should be designed accurately, so as to complete the model manufacturing of stamping parts with high quality.

  As industries embrace industrial automation, CNC machining and tools are helping alleviate costs and boost the production tempo. Factory Customized CNC machining enables small and large businesses to compete and render greater work flexibility with a wide range of materials.

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