Analysis on the Steps of Numerical Control Lathe.aluminum alloy parts factory

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  Lifting and transportation

  The hoisting and positioning of CNC lathes should be carried out with special hoisting tools provided by the manufacturer, and other methods are not allowed. There is no need for special hoisting objects, and wire ropes should be used to hoist and place in accordance with the rules of the manual.

  Foundation and orientation

  The CNC lathe should be installed on a solid foundation, and the orientation should be far away from the vibration source; avoid sunlight and heat radiation; place it in a dry place to avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, it is necessary to set up an anti-vibration trench around the foundation.

  Machine tool

  The CNC lathe is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled in a free state, and then the anchor bolts are evenly locked. For general machine tools, the level meter does not exceed 0.04/1000mm, and for high-precision machine tools, the level meter does not exceed 0.02/1000mm.

  Preparation before test homework

  After the accuracy of the numerical control lathe has passed the inspection, the whole machine needs to be cleaned. Use cotton cloth or silk cloth soaked with cleaning agent to clean the anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint on the machine tool and the dust on the outer surface of the machine tool. Coat each sliding surface and working surface with machine tool lubricating oil.

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