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This is a case of CNC turning/milling parts from Our Poland Clients which requires high-precision requirements, see them as below:

customer requirements

Pictures sent from our Poland Client Willa. These two turning parts will be combined in use, so high precision tolerance and surface roughness are critically important. Also, they required a good DLC coating to reduce the friction, then it can run well. Actually, our clients have done these parts before, but no one can exactly meet all these requirements.

machining process

It seems very easy to make CNC turning parts, but how to meet all accurate dimensions, that’s a question. After deeply discussed, our technology team and operators tried a lot of tests on prototypes to see how can we realize those requirements. Fortunately, we found the right way to do. Here are some pictures of our technicist in the CNC workshop…

dlc coating

What’s DLC coating? What can we do?

Diamond-like carbon(DLC) Coating stands for diamond-like carbon coating(see the following picture) and is a nanocomposite coating that has unique properties of natural diamond low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance. Please see the following data we got them from a lot of testings and finally passed our end-users testing.

“The tests have been successful, I confirm the first order of 1000sets” Willa Kris said.

Here are Pin and Plunger sample pictures for reference:

sample pictures
packing shippment

Our aim is helping customers to solve every difficulty, not only on costs but also the best machining solution. We’re not big enough, but care enough and honest enough to offer what you want. Let’s see what Willa said after receiving the goods…

We’ve established a good relationship with Willa, now focus on the next batch order now.

customer feedback
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