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From prototype to production, get on-demand parts manufactured

for any quantity, budget and timeline.

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Processing, surface treatment, quality inspection,

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Advanced machine, rich experience, professional communication,

easy to turn your idea into reality.

aluminum die casting

Industry we involved

car bike

Car &Bike

Car & bike is a traditional industry we entered since we established our machining factory. we knew customers’ demands and can provide valuable design suggestion to them, especially for high precision spare parts.Being this filed for 17 years, price is not the only reason why customers choose us, the more important point is that we can provide additional values continuously.



Medical industry is a field we’re in proudly! Not every machining factory is qualified and have capability to produce medical spare parts, because their quality and precision requirement is very high, but we’re! We’re ISO-2009:2015 registered, and have strict quality control system, which enable us to ensure every part shipped is 100% according to design.

3c consumer electronics

3C Consumer Electronics

3C field is a wide industry, almost all cnc machining shops have been involved in. The product quality on market is widely different. We, Xielifeng Tech, only help 3C product manufacturers who have high quality demands produce their spare parts.We not only ensure high accuracy, but also guarantee superior finish!

uav drone

UAV / Drone

UVA & Drone is a newly developed industry, they are not only for military use, but also has a wide application on commercial field, for example, 3D Mapping, delivery and inspection. We involved in this industry because we believe it will bring revolution to other industries. Each time we provide high quality drone hardware, such as drone frame, mounting plates, rotor spacers etc, to our customers, we feel proud, because we think we’re helping accelerate revolution!

automation and ai

Automation and AI

Automation and AI is a new industry we’re in just recent years. We have cooperated with several college labs to develop AI robots and equipment.When they share new things with us, our whole team feel excited. We believe we’ll go more than this far in this industry!


We looking forward to stand out in more other industries!



Why Choose Us

Xielifeng Tech is an ambitious ISO registered company, specialized in CNC machining and focusing on superior workmanship, absolute quality, cleanliness and on-time lead time. We’re a firm-united team of talented and experienced engineers, machinists and technical consultants, who commit to helping solve problems relative to manufacturing precision and complex machined parts, including design, product costing, quality, assembly problems etc.


Alejandro A

Excellent machining, the whole team works perfectly, customer service, machining, engineering service ... very competitive company


Nathan B

Excellent product and finish quality and the careful packaging of my delicate parts was excellent. I highly recommend.


Vincent Koster

Again product produced with high quality standard. Products are well packed and all manufacturing tolerances respected.

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